My name is Alysha, and with me there is my awesome husband David, and our beautiful daughter Adeline (whom I refer to as Cupcake in the blog).  We moved from a city of about 500,000 to a small town with considerably less zeros.  I’m just trying to adjust and learn the fine art of fauxmaking (horribly imperfect homemaking).

I’m an avid crocheter, an iPhoneographer (and amateur photographer), and I bake the world’s best chocolate chip cookies.  Just don’t judge my messy home!

EDIT: We have since moved back to the city, but part of my heart still lies in the country.  I miss the quiet, and the many great friends I made.  But I still crochet and take lots of photos!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Alysha! Thank you for sharing with all of us your beautifull work, it is really nice to see the things you crochet :) I have written a post in my blog about you because I have used your Cthulhu pattern. Please find the link below, you are wellcome if you want to visit me :) It is in spanish but you can write me if you have any doubt. Regards from Madrid!!! Loli


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