Temperature Scarf CAL – January Wrap-up

The Bernat Temperature Scarf Crochet-Along officially started February 1st, 2013, but I had gone back and recorded/crocheted the temperatures for all of January.

IMG_1644January started out chilly, but not horrible.  A lot of light blue to begin with.  Then we had a very mild week, represented by the two shades of green.  At that point I wondered if I would ever get to use my lowest temp colour, sparkly purple, and despite my fiery hatred for winter, I found myself wishing for colder temperatures.

I ate my words the following week when we had a terrible cold snap.  It was the coldest it had been all winter, and even though I finally got the colours on the scarf, I worried if I would actually have to ADD another colour.  And that sent me into a panic because I specifically picked sparkly colours for the lowest and the highest temperatures, so then my whole scarf would be ruined!  RUINED!

IMG_1642But, since this is Canada, and only here can it go from -28C wind chills to 13C within one week.  We had everything from snow squalls, high winds, thunderstorms, rain, and something called “ice fog” in the last week of January.  I was outside on my patio 3 times one evening in only a tank top and I wasn’t cold!  So I was able to introduce a new colour to the scarf – the yellow!

The dark green had been the highest temperatures so far, and this time there was even a gradual change in colour.  Right from light blue (0 – -5C) up to yellow (13C – 19C).

I’m still really pleased with the scarf.  I got all the ends weaved in so far (Note to self: weave in ends as you go along, there is nothing worse than weaving in a billion ends at once) and the edge is looking pretty.  I still may or may not go with a border.  Probably not, because let’s face it, after a year of working on one project, I’m not going to want to do ANYTHING else to it.  Done will be done.

IMG_1646There’s still time to join in!  The crochet-along only just begun, you can catch up!  Find the official information here and follow along.

If you want to know the yarn/stitches/temperatures I’m using, check out my first post here.

Free Pattern Friday – Convertible Cowl

For today’s FPF, I want to feature a really nice pattern from The Crimson Owl.

With the cooler weather approaching, this Convertible Cowl is a beautiful and cozy way to accessorize your favourite jacket.  The great thing about this cowl, and what makes it convertible, is that it’s made the perfect size to pull up over your head on those particularly windy days.  A very cute way to keep your head and neck warm at the same time!

This pattern is incredibly easy to follow, and to work up.  And if you just want to use it as a cowl, you can do as many or as few rows to get the final result you want.

I made this one last Winter when Cupcake was about 6 months old.  I used Bernat Roving, which is very thick and soft.  I bought a big supply of Roving at the last Tent Sale, so I plan on making another for myself, to match a hat I worked up for this winter.

So please head over to The Crimson Owl‘s page and show her some love.  She has other patterns and posts I know you will enjoy!

A Little Update

I have been enjoying bringing everyone my new weekly features, and I apologize for the laziness in the last week.  There will be a little gap in postings for maybe another week as we prepare for and complete our move back to the city on this coming Saturday.

So for now, I leave you with this, my current WIP!

I made a couple visits to the annual tent sale at the Spinrite Yarn Outlet (makers of Bernat and others) and was grateful I didn’t have more money because I truly could’ve gone nuts there.  While there wasn’t much that I wanted, there were some fantastic discontinued colours of Chunky Softee.  I was clearly a noob at the sale, I didn’t know I should’ve brought garbage bags to fill like everyone else.  People make pilgrimages from far and wide for this sale and stock the fuck up.  It’s insane.

So I went away with the colours above (which I clearly have an obsession with since they’re not only the colours I painted Cupcake’s bedroom furniture, but also the colours I chose for her first birthday), and have started a blanket (my first) that I hope to complete for Cupcake’s first big girl bed.  Since she’s only 15 months, I think that’s a generous deadline.

I also got a few rolls of this brown/turquoise (it looks purple in this shot, but it’s dark brown, light brown and turquoise) and proceeded to make a star shaped lap-ghan for a friend who loves stars.  But I didn’t grab enough and it became a stroller blanket for her son (who also happens to be Cupcake’s boyfriend).  When I went back to the sale the second week, they of course had none left.  Also, I forgot to take a picture of the final product before I gave it to her, so the above sneak peek is all I have.

BUT!  You can find the free pattern I used here. (Star Shaped Blanket)

So if you can bear with me while I spend the next few days stressing, and the days after healing/unpacking, I will have more free patterns and amigurumi goodies for you in no time!

In the meantime, check out my Pinterest boards for more free patterns and crochet inspiration!

ALSO!  Check out my hooker photo and others at Obey Crochet!

Amigurumi Monday – Unicorn WIP

I have been asked by my good friend This Little Bird to make a unicorn amigurumi for one of her little girls.  After we poured over several patterns, all equally adorable, she decided on this Lil Baby Unicorn.

Little Yarn Friends has a Tumblr and Facebook page full of her amazing crochet creations.  I find this unicorn particularly cute thanks to it’s large head and big eyes, totally irresistible. I was rather excited when this pattern was picked for the finished product.  I already had this FREE pattern pinned on my Pinterest Amigurumi board, and couldn’t wait to put it together.

She decided on the colours, after consulting her daughter and I set off to the yarn outlet.  I promised Hubby I would only be buying the yarn I needed for this project, but I need to stop living in denial and admit that I have a problem.  Yarn addiction is a serious disease, and can only be cured by heavy aversion therapy.  So I left the outlet with pink, yellow and white for the unicorn, extra skeins for myself, and a fun shade of blue that I couldn’t resist.

This pattern is great.  It’s super easy to follow so far.  The original was done with a 3mm hook, and would have resulted in a fairly small finished product I imagine.  I have really been into making larger stuffies lately, so I use a thicker yarn and larger hook for this result.  I ended up buying Bernat Softee Chunky.  I hadn’t used it before, but it definitely lives up to it’s name.  It’s soft and chunky, and comes in some pretty amazing colours.

So here is where I am at after working on this pattern since Friday:


My iPhone camera does the colour no justice.  In this photo it looks like a normal hot pink. But the shade (Peony Pink) is actually lighter, and a little more coral.  It was really unique and I couldn’t pass it up, hence why I bought extra for myself!  The hooves (and future horn) are a pale yellow.

I will be starting on the head today, and should have the finished product for you on the next Amigurumi Monday.  In the meantime, be sure to head over to Little Yarn Friends to check out her free patterns, and be sure to share your finished projects on her Facebook page!

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