Review: Claritin Rapid Dissolve

Well, I finally received my first campaign from BzzAgent, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time!  My allergies are just getting into full swing, and I got to try and review the new Rapid Dissolve tablets from Claritin.

First, I should explain what BzzAgent is.  As a BzzAgent, I get the opportunity to be involved in product campaigns where I am tasked to try out the product and spread “Bzz” about it.  This involves receiving a package with samples and information, then talking to people about the product specifics, as well as my own impressions, and to generate word-of-mouth Bzz.  This is my very first campaign!  I had signed up with BzzAgent years ago, but nothing happened and eventually I had forgotten about it.  But thanks to my good friend Kat at Diary of a PHAT Kat, who has been an active BzzAgent for a while, I was reminded of the program and got back into it.  And I picked the best time to do it!

I have been getting progressively worse seasonal allergies for about 8 years now, always in the Spring, and they really kick my ass!   I have tried a variety of allergy medications, always on an as-needed basis.   I’m not even sure what brands I have used before, because honestly, I go for whichever is cheapest at the time.

The new Claritin Rapid Dissolve peaked my interest.  The tablet dissolves right on your tongue instantly and without water, and goes to work right away on your worst allergy symptoms for 24 hours.  It is a non-drowsy formula, which is perfect when I’m chasing after and active 1 year old.

If you have indoor or outdoor allergies such as:

  • Pet Dander
  • Mold
  • Dust Mites
  • Pollen

Claritin Rapid Dissolve tablets can manage symptoms like:

  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Itchy Nose and Throat

Now, on to my personal review!

In my kit I received my Welcome Letter from BzzAgent, and information booklet on the product and suggestions for spreading Bzz, a 10 pack of the Rapid Dissolve tablets, and 7 coupons for $6 off Claritin Rapid Dissolve.

So far I have tried the product twice.  The first time I was cleaning, and I kicked up a lot of dust and immediately started coughing and sneezing.  I could feel my congestion coming on.  I decided to take a tablet before I continued cleaning and my first impression of the tablet was of the texture.  I was expecting it to be more like an antacid tablet, but it felt smoother and stuck to the roof of my mouth.  But it really did dissolve right away!  There was a taste of mint, and then it was gone.

Almost right away my sinus congestion cleared up!  My nose started running, and once I blew it, it was right back to normal!  I was pretty stunned at that, my sinuses felt like I had no allergy symptoms to begin with.  Soon after, my itchy eyes were no longer noticeable.

The second time I used a tablet, I was suffering from my outdoor allergies.  I didn’t have the tablets on my while I was out and about (which is why this product is so convenient, you can take them anytime, anywhere), so when I got home, I could barely breathe due to the sinus congestion.  Less than 5 minutes after taking the tablet, the congestion was gone!  Now I should mention, sinus congestion is NOT on the list of symptoms that this product is intended to relieve, and it is usually my worst symptom, so the fact that it helped me anyway is a wonderful surprise!

So in the end, my experience with symptom relief with Claritin Rapid Dissolve is great!  But I do have one complaint:

It gives me a headache.

Both time I took the tablets, I got a headache less than a half hour after taking it.  Headaches are in the list of possible side effects, and this won’t necessarily happen to everyone who takes this product, but it happened to me.  I felt almost as if the congestion that was in my sinuses had gone up into my entire head instead.  It was an unbearable headache, but it was there none the less.

Despite the headaches, I am still pleased with Claritin Rapid Dissolve tablets, and will continue to use and recommend them.  I will also be keeping a coupon or two for myself to buy more when I need them.  I really do love how instant the relief is!

And as a special bonus, when I went looking for the list of side effects, I found this:

That coupon can be used on ANY Claritin product!

So tell me, do you have allergies?  Have you tried Claritin Rapid Dissolve?  Are you a BzzAgent too?  I love hearing from you!

2 thoughts on “Review: Claritin Rapid Dissolve

  1. I used to take this every day during allergy season when I was in Highschool and it worked wonders. Ibhavebtbseen it in a few years but I can tell my allergies will be acting up bad this year. Will definitely have to go back to my Claritin.

  2. I suffer from dust, cat, carpet and seasonal allergies. I was offered this to review but I had to pass because medication doesn’t agree with me. I was curious as to if the rapid release was good.Sorry about the headaches! Great review/post and thanks for the mention! xo

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