Time for Another Crochet-Along!

New year – new CAL!  I know what you’re thinking.  You’re saying “But you didn’t even finish the CAL from last year!”  And you would be right.  I still have a pile of unfinished afghan pieces tucked away somewhere.  I learned a lot about myself during that CAL.  Like how I’m just not cut out to make afghans (don’t even ask about the one I started making for Cupcake’s big girl bed…). But, this one is different!

423x231xtemperaturescarf-423x231.jpg.pagespeed.ic.h99dix32PWA scarf!  A completely attainable, small scale scarf!  But not just any scarf.  A scarf with meaning, with purpose.  You see, in order to make this scarf, you must track the temperature daily.  Either in your own town, or some special location of your choosing.  I chose to stick with the city I live in now, although a special part of my heart still lies in the country.

Each day, you crochet two rows in the colour you’ve chosen to represent the day’s temperature.  Just think of it as if you were crocheting in colours based on The Weather Network‘s own maps, but of course you can use whatever colours you want!

Their suggested yarn for this project happened to be Bernat Satin, and it just so happens that I already had 5 colours from that line, and 2 from the Red Heart equivalent, Soft Touch.  I only needed to pick up 3 more colours to complete my chosen temperature ranges. My thermomete

thermometertextThe yarns I’m using, in order from top to bottom:

Bernat Satin Sparkle – Ruby
Red Heart Soft Touch – Hot Pink
Bernat Satin – Tangerine
Red Heart Soft Touch – Lemon
Bernat Satin – Foliage
Bernat Satin – Soft Fern
Bernat Satin – Lagoon
Bernat Satin – Teal (I think, lost the label)
Bernat Satin – Star Dust
Bernat Satin Sparkle – Amethyst

I decided to go with 6 degree intervals for a couple reasons.  Initially I wanted to go with 5, but 6 helps cut down on the number of colours I need.  But also it’s still a nice small window so I won’t end up with the same colour for miles.  Canada’s weather tends to fluctuate A LOT (we just had double digit temperatures in the middle of January), so I think I will get a lot of different colours in there, but also see temperature averages.  I chose the Satin Sparkle yarns for the highest and lowest temperatures, so you can easily see the hottest and coldest days.  I also decided to go with the “feels like” temperatures when I can, as we are prone to wind chills and humidex which will be more accurate, but also allow me to use those sparkle yarns.

So I’ll stop yammering on here, but let you know about one more decision I made for my scarf.  I decided to do the moss stitch instead of go with their pattern, and I really LOVE how it’s looking so far.

Oh yeah, the CAL starts February 1st, 2013, but I went back and started my scarf from January 1st.  Here is what I have so far:



I love, love, love it so far.  I hate that it’s going to take a whole year to make, but I also can’t wait until I can get into those warmer colours!

Hurry up and join in!  You can find all of the official info here.

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4 thoughts on “Time for Another Crochet-Along!

  1. Hi! I love you chois of colors and stitch. May I ask how you are making the stitch? I would love to learn from you. 😃

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