My name is Alysha, and with me there is my awesome husband David, and our beautiful daughter Adeline (whom I refer to as Cupcake in the blog).  We moved from a city of about 500,000 to a small town with considerably less zeros.  I’m just trying to adjust and learn the fine art of fauxmaking (horribly imperfect homemaking).

I’m an avid crocheter, an iPhoneographer (and amateur photographer), and I bake the world’s best chocolate chip cookies.  Just don’t judge my messy home!

EDIT: We have since moved back to the city, but part of my heart still lies in the country.  I miss the quiet, and the many great friends I made.  But I still crochet and take lots of photos!

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Alysha thank you for referring Dino to me. I would be delighted to make a Cthulhu for him. I understand that this means you are ok with me selling them but would be grateful if you could confirm this for me. Thanks again for sharing your pattern. Cheers Jacqueline

  2. Hi Alysha
    Thank you so much for sharing your Cthulhu pattern, you are very generous. I have made 5 of them and my grandchildren love them. Is it ok if I make some to sell on the hand-made.com.au website in Australia? I would of course make it clear the pattern was from you. My shop name is OchiltreeDesigns.
    Thanks Jackie

  3. Hi Alysha,
    I love your little Chtulhu. I have a friend who asked me to make it for her. I was going to ask you a question. Then I re-read the instructions and figured it out. I’m going to make it with some soft cotton yarn I picked up at yard sale recently. It looks like a tiny knit tube. I”m hoping it will work with just a single strand as it is thicker than regular yarn. I’ll let you know.:)

  4. hey Alysha i love your Cthulhu cuddly and was wondering if you had an etsy account were i could buy one as i have never done crochet before and dont understand the pattern ^-^

    • Thank you so much, Billie! I’m awfully sorry, but I don’t have a shop where I sell my completed items, as I simply don’t have enough original patterns to open one. Perhaps you have a friend who’d be willing to make one for you? Otherwise, there are a ton of great resources online to help you learn how to crochet, if that’s something you might be interested in. Thanks again, and good luck!

  5. Ahoy Alysha!
    I like the title of Iphoneographer😉
    I’ve just found your article on Scary Mommy for top ten things to do in Toronto –
    Have you conisdered our adventure theatre PIrateLife.ca:)
    Write us an email!

  6. Hi Alysha.
    My son has fallen for the Cthulhu ski mask (9/82) – do you by any chance have a pattern for it, please? He rarely shows enthusiasm about anything I could make for him and I would love to surprise him.

    • Hello Lynne!

      Unfortunately I do not have a pattern for a Cthulhu Ski Mask, as I have never made one before. However, upon searching, I have found several great looking patterns on Etsy. There are also a couple free patterns I found searching on Pinterest, but I feel they could look better. But if you are comfortable making changes to a pattern, that would be a great place yo start.

      I will try to sit down and create my own pattern in the future, but unfortunately life has gotten in the way, and I haven’t much time for crocheting these days.

      Thanks for your visit and inquiry!

  7. Hi! I am a writer and video game developer who has many tentacles in many different pies. I came across your Cthulhu crochet pattern while searching for an avatar image for one of the sites on which I am a staff writer, and while I have no real interest in crochet, I would like your permission to use the image as my avatar for future postings. It is a wonderful picture, and a great little home-made bundle of chaotic joy.

    • Hi! Thanks for your kind words! You are welcome to use the photo as your avatar, all that I ask is, if on some off chance one of your fans happens to also be into crochet and asks about it, please be so kind to direct them this way! I’ve also sent my husband to your website, as his interest was piqued when I read your comment to him. :)

  8. Hi Alysha! Thank you for sharing with all of us your beautifull work, it is really nice to see the things you crochet:) I have written a post in my blog about you because I have used your Cthulhu pattern. Please find the link below, you are wellcome if you want to visit me:) It is in spanish but you can write me if you have any doubt. Regards from Madrid!!! Loli

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