Yarn Storage

Inspired by my previous post on hiding wires, I wanted to share with you the only other organizing idea I’ve had myself.

Much like most knitters/crocheters, I have an obscene amount of yarn.  But with that, I also have a grabby baby!  I once spent an entire day detangling two skeins of yarn that she had gotten into many times.  It was tedious work, but I’m too cheap to just toss it.  The reason this happened in the first place?  I was storing my yarn in a large wicker basket beside the coffee table.

So I knew I needed to find some way else of storing my yarn, that would still keep it close to where I do my crocheting.  And this was the result:

An under-bed storage container – on wheels!  We have a coffee table that is large enough to support this idea, but I also think it would work under our couch.

It’s super handy!  Problem is, it’s just about too full already, which means I will have to go on a yarn diet.  But since I’m working on some craft show stock, maybe it will take care of the problem for me.  More on that later!

How do you store your yarn?  Leave a comment and let me know, I’d love to hear other ideas!  (Especially if I ever have to create a second storage area)

The Art of Baby Proofing

I suppose that title is slightly misleading.  Considering our house is probably the epitome of a baby death trap.  We’re lucky enough to just have baby gates.  One day, it was a little too quiet, and I looked up from my crocheting to find Cupcake nomming on a battery.  Yup, Superstar Mom right here!  But, as new issues arise, I try to take care of them quickly.  Either that, or she will learn the “trial and error” way.

There is only so much anyone can do.  I mean, Cupcake recently learned how to climb up on our other couch all by herself.  If she does it once, she does 8 more times.  Each time, I have to get up and whisk her off.  Eventually, I put a blanket on the floor below the couch.  It’s better than straight hardwood, right?

Our living room is cordoned off, and aside from the foot-danger of a bajillion toys and Cheerios scattered about, there aren’t too many hazards.  But the one thing that we seem to have trouble with is wires.  Which, I guess is the mother of all hazards.  I just wanted to share with you what I did to contain all the wires from the TV and various other electronics.

We bought this shelf from IKEA about a month ago, and it was clear right away that it was basically a subdivision of baby forts.  Besides being very much accessible, the wires behind were just very unsightly.  I thought about filling each space with those wonderful storage boxes, but we only bought two at the time, figuring they would just become a game for Cupcake to play.  Pulling stuff off stuff is the BEST!

So I decided to designate the bottom left box for hiding wires.  Here, you can see the evil glow of the cyclops power bar peering from within.  The handy thing about these storage boxes was the handles.  Ha!  Handy handles!

A necessary key to making this a baby proof system is the lid.  The box fits snug in the shelf on all sides.  So even though you can slide the box out a little, (as far as the wires will allow) in order to get into the box, you have to lift the lid and push it back.  A maneuver that is thankfully beyond a 10 month old.  Once she realized she couldn’t pull the box out or get into it, the only attention it attracted was the dust.  Please don’t judge!

As you can see, I placed the power bar in the box and fed the cord out through the back handle of the box so it could be plugged in.  Then, I fed all the other cords IN through the handle and plugged them in.  I also cable tied each cord into bundles so the whole box wasn’t just a jumbled pile of mess.

I’m quite pleased with how neat and tidy I was able to make the whole area look.   I’m not usually savvy when it comes to organisation, and neither is Hubby, which makes for a very messy house.  But this certainly did the trick, and Cupcake is none the wiser!

My next task:

I desperately need to do something about all those easily accessible baby goodies.  So if you have any ideas, tips or tricks, please leave a comment and let me know!