April Photo Challenge – Catching up

Clearly I don’t seem to have enough time to blog every single day, so I need to do some serious catching up with this photo-a-day challenge.  So here is what I’ve missed!

Day 6 – Lunch:

Avocado is Cupcake's favourite treat for lunch

Day 7 – Shadow:

My creepy basement

Day 8 – Inside your wallet:

Two American dollars, and an extremely rare (to me) Canadian $50.

Day 9 – Younger you:

When I was in high school, we had a contest to come up with a slogan for Catholic Education. Lucky me, I won. This was the newspaper ad, but there was also a full sized billboard, bright yellow.

Day 10 – Cold

This is today, a little unwanted April snow.

Day 11 – Where you ate breakfast

I haven't had breakfast yet, but this is where I always eat it, on our messy couch.

And there you have it, a bunch of randomness for your enjoyment!

April Photo Challenge – Day 5


Tiny sandals for tiny feeties.  (Available in my Facebook shop).

April Photo Challenge

My friend over at Diary of a Phat Kat joined in on a Photo-a-day blog post, and I decided to tag along.  I always enjoy doing these challenges, so here is my photo for today!

Day 4 – Someone who makes you happy

My daughter and my Hubby make me happy😀