Cthulhu looks worried

February 13th was my hubby’s birthday.  I hadn’t done any baking in quite a long time, since having a baby doesn’t really offer the time to get much done.  But the day before was Sunday, so I was able to get the bulk of it done, while he entertained Cupcake.

So while at the grocery store, he said he wants a blue cake.  No problem.  I had planned on making fondant for the first time to decorate his cake all fun, and I already had a 12 pack of gel food colour.  I baked the blue cake on Sunday, not before separating a little batter for one solitary red cupcake.  Later on, I prepared the fondant.

All I can say is wow.  It was much easier to prepare than I expected, but boy, is marshmallow ever sticky when melted!  I was quite pleased with how it turned out in the end, and saved the colouring for the next day while hubby was at work.

A cookie plus a highchair later, Cupcake was wonderfully distracted while I set to work on the fondant.  I left it out overnight, knowing my kitchen (which is an addition) is cool enough to keep it while wrapped up tight.  It was still really hard, and it took forever for me to knead it to a workable state.  I was trying icing sugar at first to keep the stickiness at bay, but of course that was just drying it out.  So I switched to shortening, which was messy, but worked like a charm.

After getting various colours of dye everywhere, scraping already rolled out fondant off the counter and re-rolling it, the cake finally started to come together.  I am no artist for sure, but hubby loved it, and I thought it was pretty fun.

BUT!  Don’t eat it.  Well, I couldn’t eat it.  I am pretty sure I got a cavity after my first piece.  I also came to the conclusion that fondant is just puffy sugar and fluffy sugar mixed together (marshmallows and icing sugar), and definitely tastes like it.  The cake itself was delicious, especially with the layer of cream cheese frosting I had in there, yum!

Cthulhu's fears were definitely warranted