Flip Flop Revamp

I have this tiny pair of toddler size 5 flip flops for Cupcake, but she isn’t walking yet.  Aside from that fact, I just can’t imagine feet that tiny mastering flip flops when I still have trouble with them myself (and I’m a seasoned pro, wearing mine beyond the first snow fall).

So I decided to give them a little upgrade so Cupcake can wear them with many of her cute summer outfits, without losing them every 5 seconds.

First thing you need is a pair of flip flops, you could easily adapt this idea for adult sizes as well.

Choose a coordinating (or contrasting) colour of yarn, and I used a 3.5mm hook.

Chain a length you think is appropriate to tie around those chubby little ankles, however you choose to do so.  I wanted my ties to wrap around a couple times, like ballet slippers, so my chain for this size was 80.

Then, crochet around one side of the flip flop strap using a single crochet stitch.

Next you need to chain a length that will act as a heel strap.  My chain was 20.  Attach that chain to the other side of the flip flop.

Once you’ve attached the heel strap to the other side of the flip flop, you need to chain the same amount you did for the first half of the strap.  In my case, another chain of 80.  Finish off, and tighten your slip stitches at both ends.  Trim the excess down to half an inch, and if you’d like, you can coat the ends in fabric glue to prevent fraying, and give a more “shoe lace” like hardness.

And that’s it!  super simple, and very cute.  Now Cupcake can wear her flip flops and rock out in her stroller in style.  And we can enjoy the Summer-like temperatures in March to the full extent!

Even though this pattern is extremely simple, it’s my first time writing one down.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  I may not have been the first person to do this, but I just winged it, so any resemblance to other existing patterns is purely coincidental.


Cherry Blossom Wreath

It’s Spring!  While I usually try not to get too excited this early in the season, knowing there has to be at least one more snow storm, it’s hard to contain myself with 22 degree weather!  In the middle of March, at that!  It was so warm the other day, my jeans were sticking to me.

In the spirit of the season, and to encourage it’s continuance, I put together a lovely wreath for our front door.  I’m a little obsessed with wreaths, I have 3 different grape vines wreaths in varying sizes, and I change the decorations according to the season, holiday, or my mood.  And this one is super simple.

All you need is a grape vine wreath, a bunch of tiny, pink crochet flowers, and some adhesive.  I used fabric glue for this project, but hot glue works just as well.

I pulled a few ends of the vines out, to give the look of cherry blossom branches being woven into the wreath.  And then I just glued the flowers to various “end points” on the vines.  Either actual ends, or on little nubs.

And that’s it!  For the flowers, I used this pattern here.  And here is the finished result hanging on our door, in the wonderful, warm sunshine!